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Everyone is welcome to each service. We hope you can fully participate in the services through prayer, word and song, and recognise that some forms of service will help you worship more than others. 

All Age Services are informal and encourage participation in telling the story especially for children. We aim to make All Age worship joyful, colourful and vibrant. 

The sung Eucharist Services are formal and traditional. We wear vestments, and the choir is robed. Some of the words of the liturgy are sung. At the Eucharist everyone is invited to come to the altar to receive a blessing or the bread and wine. It is the usual practice that children who have been prepared and formally admitted to Holy Communion receive the bread and wine. Adults who are baptised but are not sure about taking the bread and wine can simply have a word with the Rector to clarify what is needed.

Candle Service is a time of calm in the peace of a candlelit church. Candle service at St. Laurence's is held at 6pm on the last Sunday of each month and is an hour of quiet thought or prayer, using traditional hymns and the simple chant-like music of the Taizé community (see the following paragraph). Readings are from the bible and poetry, together with short periods of silence, and music.  You are given time to reflect and pray in your own way in an atmosphere of calm and acceptance.  This is essentially a Christian service but those of any denomination or faith and those of no particular faith will find it helpful. Everyone is welcome.

The ecumenical community of Taizé was established in 1940 in a small village in Burgundy, France. Its founder, Brother Roger, laid the foundation for this community of peace as an alternative to what he had witnessed during World War II. In the years since, it has become a site visited annually by tens of thousands from all over the world, including young people in search of peace and answers to their spiritual questions. From its beginnings, the community has worked for reconciliation not only among Christians split apart into different denominations, but for all of humanity. The music developed for prayer and worship allows each person to reflect inwardly, yet at the same time participate communally. (For more information, see

Sunday Club is for all the family to learn together - we sing and hear a story - do some craft work - sometimes a quiz - have a drink and some fruit - sing a bit more - say a prayer and then go home. It takes place in church at 4pm on the third Sunday of each month (except December).

Regular Sunday service times are 11.00 am and 6.00 pm (See Diary for the weekly details)

1st Sunday of the month - 11:00am All Age Worship - 6:00pm  Sung Eucharist (Common Worship (CW))

2nd Sunday of the month - 11:00am Sung Eucharist (CW) - 6:00pm  Sung Evensong (BCP)*

3rd Sunday of the month - 11:00am Morning Prayer  - 6:00pm  Sung Evensong (BCP)* - 4:00pm Sunday Club

4th Sunday of the month - 11:00am Sung Eucharist (CW) - 6:00pm  Sung Evensong (BCP)* or Candle Sevice if it is the last Sunday of the month

5th Sunday of the month - 11:00am Sung Eucharist (CW) - 6:00pm  Taize Style Service

Midweek Communion is at 9:30am each Thursday.*

*These services use the 1662 Prayer Book and older style language. All other services are present day language.