The Font of St Laurence's

Christenings (Baptism)


We are pleased that you want a christening (baptism) at St Laurence’s or Skelbrooke Church. Here are three easy steps to take:

1. Contact the Rector or Baptism secretary or come to a church service

The rector is Revd Ann Walton on 01302 723224 or email

Our Baptism secretary is Mrs Johnson on 01302 723582

See the Diary for our service times

2. Attend a Baptism Preparation Meeting

3. Attend Church services

When you contact us we will be able to answer your immediate questions and will let you know the date of the next Baptism Preparation Meeting. We are very happy to baptise you or your child, but if you live outside the Parish boundary you must first seek permission of the vicar at your home parish church.

To help you decide about baptism, we ask that you attend a meeting with other families thinking about Baptism. This takes place on one evening each month and lasts approximately one hour. It is a chance to get together informally over a cup of tea and make sure that you understand fully about the commitment you are promising when you come for baptism. 

If you are bringing your baby for baptism, it is best if both parents and godparents attend since you are sharing the responsibility. We explain in more detail what baptism means, and you have an opportunity to ask any questions. If you decide to go ahead, we can take details of the candidate, parents and godparents at that meeting and arrange a provisional date so that you can begin planning. 

We then ask you to come to at least two services and a Sunday Club Service if the candidate is a child. Family services are held on the first Sunday of each month and are informal and relaxed.  Sunday Club is at 4pm on the third Sunday of the month and is a time of learning about God through play.  These will give you an opportunity to hear God's word and give you time to consider if a Christian commitment is for your family. There is a visitorattendance register at the back of church, please sign this so that we know that you have been to the services.

To learn more, see the Baptism section of the Church of England website.